About Me

I built my first computer from a kit (a Microtan 65) when I was 12 years old. Since I couldn’t afford the BASIC ROMs at the time, I learned to program in 6502 machine code – I couldn’t afford an assembler either 😦

I work for Qualcomm Inc in the UK, and have worked on smartphone operating systems, NFC software and things which need to happen TrustZone (trusted environments, basically), as you can read on my LinkedIn profile.

Since my day job is about as stateful and imperative as things can possibly be, I have been dabbling in Haskell for a few years now as it is just about the most different environment imaginable. I got involved in wxHaskell a few years back because I wanted an excuse to write GUI tools for work using Haskell, and Gtk is not an option for us (for legal reasons – IANAL, but the people who tell me not to use GPL/LGPL are, so don’t flame me about it…)

I try to answer the occasional Haskell or C related question on Stack Overflow as well – you may find useful stuff which never made it to this blog.

I am married to a wonderful lady and have two fantastic sons and a beautiful baby daughter. This blog is not (and never will be) about them.

My ambition is to write my very own monad 🙂

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