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wxHaskell News

April 18, 2012 5 comments

A great deal has happened in wxHaskell land over the past few weeks, so I thought a summary was worthwhile

wxHaskell 0.90 Released

A significant update to wxHaskell was released on April 14th. This brings in all of the work done by Dave Tapley, Eric and many others to provide support for wxWidgets 2.9.

Supporting wxWidgets 2.9 is important for quite a number of reasons – not least because at some point it will become wxWidgets 3.0 and will be the new stable version. However in the short term the main benefit is support for 64bit OS platforms – notably MacOS X Snow Leopard and Lion.

The slightly odd version numbering convention was chosen to allow wxHaskell 0.13 to evolve without being excessively constrained over version numbering. In any case, it would be nice to get to version 1.0 at some time soon – perhaps when wxWidgets 3.0 is released.

Most of the future wxHaskell development effort will go on the new branch.

wxHaskell 0.13 Branch Created

On many systems, particularly almost all Linux distributions, wxWidgets 2.8.x remains the standard ‘package’ for wxWidgets, so we continue to support this for those who would prefer to use the packages provided by their distro. It also allows Windows users without C++ development environments to use the wxPack binary installers for wxWidgets.

Experimental GitHub Repository

I have created an experimental GitHub repository. It is right up to date at the time of writing and contains two active branches: master is the wxWidgets 2.9 repo and WXWIDGETS_2_8 is (unsurprisingly) the wxWidgets 2.8 branch.

I’m especially interested in feedback on whether moving definitively to GitHub would be a good thing – the main criteria for judgement being whether it makes it easier to receive contributions from others.

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